This M’sian Was Shocked When He Got Charged RM10.60 For 10 Chilli Sauce Packets At McDonald’s Ayer Keroh

We’re all aware of the rising prices of fast food meals, and even asking for extra condiment packets can make us feel guilty, as if we’re demanding too much. However, a recent incident left a Malaysian man surprised when McDonald’s charged him for 10 packets of their famous chilli sauce. 

Siaful Adly took to Facebook to vent his frustration after this encounter at the McDonald’s in Ayer Keroh. It turns out he had requested some extra chilli sauce packets for his meal but was taken aback when he was told there was a charge. 

He expressed, “Life seems to have gotten harder; now when you ask for extra chilli sauce packets, you have to pay for them.”

To his astonishment, he was charged RM10.60 for 10 packets of this condiment, and he shared the receipt in his post. To add to his surprise, each packet cost RM1, and there was an additional 6% service fee. 

Initially, some netizens assumed that he was purchasing just the condiment since the receipt indicated that. 

However, it was later clarified that he had already ordered his meal but realized he needed more chilli sauce, which prompted him to request more at the counter, only to be charged for it instead. Some netizens even pointed out that for the price of RM10.60, one could practically buy a whole bottle of chilli sauce. 

What are your thoughts on this? Have you encountered a similar incident at any of the McDonald’s outlets you’ve visited?